My annual trip to Germany has come to end, and I'm back to photographing architecture around New England. 

This time, I finally had the opportunity to show my American family around my home country, and we had an amazing trip. While I love living in Boston, it's always hard to say goodbye to my beloved Germany.

Starting in the region I grew up in, castles and vineyards mark the area. Below is a picture of Eltz Castle, which is 800 years old and still in possession of the same family. 

Eltz Castle Germany
Architecture Germany
Vineyards Germany

On we went to Munich for beer, pretzels, Dallmayr coffee and walks through the Viktualienmarkt. Another must-do is the English Garden, which is not only bigger than Central Park in New York, but it also has its own man-made surf wave!

Munich Pedestrian Zone
Surfing Englischer Garten Munich

We finished our tour with the Alps, which continue to take my breath away every single time. Behind me is Neuschwanstein Castle and Tegelberg, a mountain with amazing views. The fog started rolling in right before we were leaving, and the raven seemed to tell me it's time to make my way back down.

Neuschwanstein Castle - Architecture Germany
Tegelberg Murnau Germany
Paraglider above the Alps
Crow on Tegelberg
Hut on Tegelberg in Murnau Germany

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