My annual trip to Germany has come to end, and I'm back to photographing architecture around New England. 

This time, I finally had the opportunity to show my American family around my home country, and we had an amazing trip. While I love living in Boston, it's always hard to say goodbye to my beloved Germany.

Starting in the region I grew up in, castles and vineyards mark the area. Below is a picture of Eltz Castle, which is 800 years old and still in possession of the same family. 

Eltz Castle Germany
Architecture Germany
Vineyards Germany

On we went to Munich for beer, pretzels, Dallmayr coffee and walks through the Viktualienmarkt. Another must-do is the English Garden, which is not only bigger than Central Park in New York, but it also has its own man-made surf wave!

Munich Pedestrian Zone
Surfing Englischer Garten Munich

We finished our tour with the Alps, which continue to take my breath away every single time. Behind me is Neuschwanstein Castle and Tegelberg, a mountain with amazing views. The fog started rolling in right before we were leaving, and the raven seemed to tell me it's time to make my way back down.

Neuschwanstein Castle - Architecture Germany
Tegelberg Murnau Germany
Paraglider above the Alps
Crow on Tegelberg
Hut on Tegelberg in Murnau Germany

If you are thinking of visiting Germany, feel free to ask me for recommendations in the comment section or shoot me an email at

I'm happy to give you all the insider tips and point you towards great restaurants, accommodations and attractions. 

Architecture, Food And A Love Story

This post is about three months overdue, but since it's still cold and occasionally snowy outside, I don't feel too weird about posting photos of me in my winter hat.

In December, Rob and I finally got to check one of our favorite cities off our travel bucket list, and I'm sure this won't be the last time we will go to Chicago. How could you not love this amazing city? It's got brilliant architecture, fantastic food (hello deep dish pizza!) and really good music. All my favorite things combined in one place!

So of course my camera had to come with me and - while at times I thought I might be freezing to death doing long exposures of the skyline at night - it was all worth it getting some nice shots of Chicago at dusk. You can find more photos under "urban architecture" to your left.

6957 copy.jpg

Of course, I couldn't not go to the Christkindlmarkt while we were in Chicago. I'm German, I miss my beloved Christmas markets. So I stood there with my tiny cup of Gluehwein (mulled wine) and my cinnamon crepes, and I was in heaven. If you ever plan on going to Germany, consider going at Christmas time. It's magical, and I promise you'll love it! Also don't hesitate to contact me for travel tips. I never tire of playing tour guide for anyone! 

Now on to the best part of this trip though. Yes, there is more. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see that there is now an engagement ring on my hand. Right after we arrived in Chicago, Robert asked me if I want to continue to travel and eat pizza with him for the rest of our lives and how could a girl say 'no' to that?! Just wanted to share these happy news with you. Now we are on to planning our wedding in Germany in the fall and couldn't be more excited! 

Photo Credit: Danielle Heinson for Flytographer

Photo Credit: Danielle Heinson for Flytographer

Will keep you posted!

- Sabine