Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you charge for processing digital photos? Can you just provide us with the RAW files?
My goal is to provide you with the highest quality images that showcase your work in the best way possible. In order to do so, I only take photos in RAW format. Since camera RAW files are the digital equivalent to negatives, they are not available for purchase.

Our shoot on-site is only the beginning and the process continues with the editing of the images. I use only the latest software versions to create little pieces of art for you, which can sometimes take several hours per image. To provide you with my signature style and a worry-free experience, I only send you the finished files, so you can focus on creating exciting new projects and designs. 

What rights do we have to the photos?
My clients receive unlimited, non-exclusive usage rights of the images for their marketing purposes. This means you can use the images forever, but they are non-transferable. Third parties, who are interested in using the images can do so by purchasing them and obtaining a license through me.

What is “Third Party Usage”?
Anyone who did not hire me directly to photograph a space, but is still interested in using the photos is considered a third party. For example: An architect hires me to photograph a building and therefore receives the rights to use the photos for their marketing. Rights to the images are not transferable to the interior designer, building owner or building company etc. (third parties) and have to be obtained through me.

Who owns the photographs?
Sabine Nordberg retains ownership and copyright of all images created. Clients are granted rights to use the images for their marketing by obtaining a usage license. 

What is your hourly rate? 

Since each project is different in size and has individual requirements, I don't charge by the hour but create a customized quote based on your needs. Please contact for more information.

How will the images be delivered to us?
All images are delivered as digital downloads to create faster service and reduce costs on both sides. Unlike physical products (CD's, thumb drives etc.), digital products are tax exempt in Massachusetts. For special requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.